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Provides comprehensive after school program services, comprised of three major components, Academic Assistance, Enrichment and Recreation in middle schools.


Beyond the Bell Branch (BTB) Youth Services Plus (YS Plus) Program is a provider of comprehensive after school program services, comprised of three major components (Academic Assistance, Recreation and Enrichment).

Each YS Plus Program provides a unique, wholesome experience for students at participating middle school sites. It provides an exciting after school enrichment program in a safe, well-supervised environment that engages and encourages students to achieve their greatest potential.

The YS Plus Program features the following three major components on a daily basis:


Academic Assistance

In support of the LAUSD Superintendent’s goals, trained personnel provide participants with academic assistance that span the curriculum.  Daily lessons that engage children in activities that support academic achievement beyond the regular school day are planned, and educational support materials that are age-appropriate and designed to enhance student learning are provided at each YS Plus Program site.  Library books, recreational reading materials, literacy kits, and other materials are provided to enhance student performance in reading, math, science, and social studies.



Daily recreation instruction and activities that engage students and reinforce the Physical Education curriculum are provided.  Multicultural activities, rhythmic activities, team activities, skill games, cooperative games, and quiet games are provided on a daily basis.  Successful participation in these activities promote the development of a positive self-image, physical fitness, body awareness, sportsmanship, leadership skills, team work, character building, cooperative social skills, and a desire to make recreation an integral and important part of their daily lives.



Planned enrichment activities are the centerpiece of the YS Plus Program.  Students eagerly participate in these very special enrichment activities conducted by traveling enrichment programs staff or site personnel 40 minutes daily.  These special and unique programs stimulate students to explore new horizons, expand creativity, experience different cultures, broaden their base of knowledge, and increase their repertoire of learned skills.

Day trip and other excursions are planned to enhance and support the daily program operations.


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