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CSF Advisor
Ms. Lu
College Counselor

Location: College Center, Room 602

CJSF Advisor
Ms. Uguryan
Middle School-College Career Coach

Location: Room 210


Sun Valley Magnet
CSF Chapter 1472

CJSF Chapter 1821


About CSF & CJSF

The purpose of California Scholarship Federation (CSF) and California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) is to foster high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship on the part of the students of Sun Valley Magnet School.

What are the benefits of joining CSF/CJSF?

CSF and CJSF members earn recognition for their academic achievements through this state-wide organization, which fosters a sense of pride and motivation for their scholastic accomplishments.

How do I become a member?

A point system specified in the CSF/CJSF State By-Laws establishes the membership requirements

In order to remain in compliance with the CSF/CJSF State by-Laws, we do not make exceptions to the membership point system or the behavioral standards.

CSF/CJSF membership is based on scholarship and is gained after qualifying grades are earned each semester. In order to become a member, the student must submit an application each semester the student is eligible.

CSF for High School

Membership is awarded based on grades from the previous semester. 

Application is open during the FIRST TWO WEEKS of each semester!

Pick up CSF applications in the College Center, Room 602.

CSF Club meets the first Tuesday of every month (unless otherwise announced) in the College Center.

Remind 101

CJSF for Middle School

Pick up CJSF applications from Ms. Uguryan in Room 210!