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Environmental Studies Through Arts & Sciences

ESAS Mission

To utilize art and science to develop an understanding of our environmental concerns that the world is facing in the 21st century. We are committed to promoting a global awareness of how mankind is impacting the natural world. It is our moral responsibility to create a more sustainable relationship with the Earth. To accomplish these goals, we will use project-based learning to enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

About ESAS

The Environmental Studies through Arts and Sciences Academy (ESAS) has partnered with the Water Augmentation Study (WAS), a long-term research project of the Council for Watershed Health, to increase local water supplies and reduce urban runoff pollution through the infiltration of storm water runoff in our community. A specialization course in Energy and Environment help students gain an appreciation and an understanding of energy, while exploring innovative ways to reduce, conserve, and produce it using solar, thermal, and wind power.  Students in ESAS design and model alternative energy sources to meet today's energy demand.

Career Opportunities: Quick Facts

6th grade Word of the Month

6th grade words:

  • August-       Environmentally Responsible
  • September- Reduce
  • October-      Alternative Energy
  • November-  Reuse
  • December   e-waste
  • January-     Carbon Footprint
  • February-    Conservation
  • March-        Low Impact
  • April-           Green
  • May-           Energy Efficient
  • June-          Sustainability