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2017 PSAT score will be available in DECEMBER!


If you provided an email address, you may  access your scores online. Paper score reports as well as test booklets will be distributed at the beginning of Spring semester.  If you would like help understanding your scores please watch this video.


LAUSD students who have taken the PSAT can receive personalized practice for the SAT free and exclusively from Khan Academy! Go to Khan Academy website here.

Free SAT Practice Online!

CollegeBoard partnered with Khan Academy to provide FREE official SAT practice!

8 official full length practice tests, interactive lessons, and personalized practice plans on Khan Academy!


How to Send Your SAT/ACT Scores




Go to, sign into your account, and send your scores using the codes below.


Go to, sign into your account, and send your scores using the codes below.


One code only for all CSU campuses: 3594

Send to one CSU campus.

Then use the ACT Scores Manager online to release to additional campuses.


Only need to send to any one UC campus that you apply to.

UC Berkeley – 4833
UC Davis – 4834

UC Irvine – 4859

UC Los Angeles – 4837

UC Merced – 4129

UC Riverside – 4839

UC San Diego – 4836

UC San Francisco – 0942

UC Santa Barbara – 4835

UC Santa Cruz – 4860

Send to any one UC campus you apply to.

Go to, sign in to your ACT Web account, and send to your schools.

Common App.

Send to each school.

Google “SAT school codes” or visit:

Send to each school.

Go to, sign in to your ACT Web account, and send to your schools.

AVOID THE FEES! Send your SAT & ACT scores for FREE to colleges by using the codes below when you register online.  For SAT, you have up to NINE days to send four free score reports. ACT Score Reports can cost $12-16.50 each and SAT Score Reports can cost $12-31 each.


Register on


November 05, 2016 (Register by October 7, 2016)

December 03, 2016* (Register by November 3, 2016)

January 21, 2017 (Register by December 21, 2016)

March 11, 2017^ (Register by February 10, 2017)

May 06, 2017 (Register by April 7, 2017)

June 03, 2017 (Register by May 9, 2017)

*Generally last test date for seniors for college admissions. Check the admissions requirements for the school you are applying to.

^No subject tests available in March.


Register on


October 22, 2016 (Register by September 16, 2016)

December 10, 2016 (Register by November 4, 2016)

February 11, 2017 (Register by January 13, 2017)

April 8, 2017 (Register by March 3, 2017)

June 10, 2017 (Register by May 5, 2017)



You are eligible for 2 SAT waivers and 2 ACT waivers, if you meet one of the following indicators:

- enrolled in a free/reduced lunch program
- enrolled in an economically disadvantaged program
- living situation: foster home, public housing, homeless, ward of the state, or orphan
- receiving low-income public assistance

Request a waiver from Ms. Lu in the College Center.



- Use your legal name and professional student email.

- Opt for the writing/essay.  It's required for UCs and the cost is included in the waiver.

- Opt for the SAT Student Answer Service or ACT Online Prep.  Fee is covered with the waiver!