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Undocumented Dreamers

If you are an undocumented student, you are not alone.
It is important for undocumented students to take advantage of valuable educational opportunities. 

Immigrant Students AB 540


AB 540 allows qualified undocumented students to be exempt from paying significantly higher out-of-state tuition at public colleges and universities in California. By making college more affordable, AB 540 has had a significant impact on the lives of many undocumented students who have dreams of attending college.

Students are eligible for the AB 540 exemption if they meet ALL of the following requirements:

  • Attend a California high school for 3 or more years;
  • Graduate from a California high school or receive the equivalent, such as a GED;
  • Submit an affidavit (a written promise) to the California public college or university where they are attending or plan to attend. In this statement students declare that they meet all AB 540 requirements and if they are undocumented, that they have filed an application to adjust their immigration status or will do so as soon as they are eligible to do so.

Students eligible for AB 540 can apply for financial aid using the California Dream Act Application (CADAA). To apply, go to


What is CHIRLA?

"The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) was founded in 1986. CHIRLA is a California leader with national impact made of diverse immigrant families and individuals who act as agents of social change to achieve a world with freedom of mobility, full human rights, and true participatory democracy. CHIRLA’s mission is to achieve a just society fully inclusive of immigrants. CHIRLA organizes and serves individuals, institutions and coalitions to build power, transform public opinion, and change policies to achieve full human, civil and labor rights. Guided by the power, love, and vision of our community, CHIRLA embraces and drives progressive social change. CHIRLA was formed in response to the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986 which made hiring undocumented workers illegal, thus creating a situation ripe for worker exploitation and abuse which have increased since that time." Learn more at

What is MALDEF? 

"Founded in 1968, MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) is the nation’s leading Latino legal civil rights organization. Our commitment is to protect and defend the rights of all Latinos living in the United States and the constitutional rights of all Americans." Learn more at

MALDEF also a free scholarship resource guide for students, parents, and educators with an extensive list of scholarships, including many that do not inquire about immigration status. Click here to download the 2019-2020 resource guide.

What is SALEF?

"SALEF’s (Salvadorian American Leadership and Education Fund) mission is to promote the civic participation and representation of the Salvadoran and other Latino communities in the U.S., promote the economic development and democracy in El Salvador, as well as to advocate for its economic, educational, and political advancement and growth." Learn more at