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Sun Valley Magnet School reserves the right to add any item to this list that may become a safety concern for our students.

All students must carry school I.D. at all times.

Dress Code

Middle School Dress Code

Shirt: Solid navy blue, gray, white, or black polo shirt with a collar, short or long sleeve. Undershirt, if worn, MUST be navy blue, gray, white, or black.

Pants/Shorts/Skirts: Solid navy blue or black cotton dress pants, shorts, or skirts only (shorts and skirts no more than 3 inches above or below the knee). No jeans, skinny jeans, sweatpants, joggers, leggings or jeggings permitted.

Outerwear (Jackets and Sweaters): Must be solid navy blue, white, gray, or black without pictures, initials, writing, or logos other than the SVMS emblem. (No professional team logos allowed.) College sports team attire may ONLY be worn on “College Day”.

If a student’s attire is not appropriate, then the student will need to change into school uniform.

High School Dress Code

Students must follow the Alternative Dress Code Policy. Plain solid color t-shirts without designs or patterns are not allowed. All designs on t-shirts must meet the alternative dress code guidelines below. 

If the attire is not appropriate for school students will need to change into a school uniform.


Alternative Dress Code

(Middle School Special Occasions and High School Everyday)


1.    All skirts, dresses, pants, shorts must fit and be worn at the waist. 

2.    No oversized clothing (pants cannot be larger than 2” greater than the waist 

3.    Students are not to wear skin-tight clothing, see through shirts, mesh shirts, 
bathing suits, tank tops, spaghetti straps, strapless tops,  backless tops, sweatpants, leggings, joggers, or pajama bottoms. All shirts are 
required to have sleeves. 

4.    No bare midriffs (stomachs), cleavage, see-through clothing, or visible undergarments (bras, undershirts, boxers.) 

5.    Belts can’t hang down from the belt loops. 

6.    Belt buckles must be plain, with no initials, pictures or logos. 

7.    Shorts, skirts, or dresses must be no shorter than 3”above the knee.

8.    No ripped/torn clothing.  All clothing must have hems.

9.    Socks of any color with appropriate logo may be worn.  They cannot be worn above the calves with shorts. 

10. Shoes must be worn at all times, sandals, slippers, platform, or high heels are 
not permitted for safety reasons. Toes must be enclosed. 

11. P.E. uniform may be worn during P.E. ONLY - not in the classroom. 

12. Attire or accessories that contain or represent: derogatory comments, gangs, weapon imagery, sexually explicit, professional sports, drug, alcohol, or tobacco are not allowed. 

13. No oversized jackets or trench coats.

14. Gloves, hoods, beanies and the school-approved hat may only be worn on cold/rainy days for outside use only. 

15. JEWELRY: For safety reasons, gauges, large hoop earrings, visible necklaces, chains, or wallet 
chains are not allowed. Students will be asked to remove any body piercing jewelry that may be a safety hazard.


16. Clothing that is for the beach or the gym is not appropriate for school at any time.


17. All visible clothing must adhere to the alternative dress code.

*** Sun Valley Magnet School reserves the right to modify this policy for any necessary reason, with SDMC approval.

Other Options

School Spirit T-Shirts

Everyday, students may wear our black or navy blue Sun Valley Magnet School t-shirt that is sold in the student store.

Middle School Students must still wear Dress Code Navy or Black pants/shorts.

Club T-Shirts & Sweatshirts

Everyday, middle school students may wear any navy blue, gray, white, or black school club t-shirt or sweatshirt such as Academy, 8th grade, AVID, Leadership, Art, Drama, or any other approved Sun Valley Magnet shirts.

Middle school students must still wear dress code navy or black pants/shorts.

On Fridays, approved club shirts of any color can be worn.

High school students can wear school approved club shirts of any color.

College Days

Wednesdays are our college going culture days. Students may wear a t-shirt, button up shirt, or polo shirt from any college of their choosing.

Jerseys are not allowed and Middle School Students must still wear Dress Code Navy or Black pants/shorts.