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Elective Course Preference Survey

2022-2023 Course Preference Survey

At SVMS, your counselors review each student's course selections to meet the high school graduation A-G requirements and college A-G admission requirements.  Then, student's elective course preferences are taken into consideration so that SVMS may offer a rigorous academic program specific to the student's needs and interests that will prepare them for college and career readiness.

To complete the elective course preference survey for 2022-2023, please click the link below according to your grade level:

Class of 2023 - Incoming Seniors (Current 11th graders)

Class of 2024 - Incoming Juniors (Current 10th graders)

Class of 2025 - Incoming Sophomores (Current 9th graders)

Class of 2026 - Incoming Freshman (Current 8th graders)


Remember, your selection is not guaranteed but taken into great consideration. Schedules are selected based on availability, class size, grade level pathways, and priority for graduation requirements. You will receive an electronic copy of your submitted responses to keep for your records.


Updated on 4/29/2022.