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SVMS Partners


Sun Valley Magnet School is proud to partner with Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services, a highly respected mental health and welfare agency with 10 locations throughout Southern California.  Hathaway-Sycamores’ programs and services include  residential treatment, transitional shelter care, foster care and adoption, transitional living assistance for emancipated foster youth, outpatient and school-based mental health services, wraparound/in-home services, psychiatric services, psychological testing, grief counseling, educational support services, and afterschool tutoring/enrichment.  Hathaway-Sycamores is licensed by the Community Care Licensing Division of the California Department of Social Services and is certified by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.  Please visit their website for more information.

Stirling Behavioral Health Institute

Stirling Behavioral Health Institute

Sun Valley Magnet School is proud to partner with Stirling Behavioral Health Institute to provide mental health counseling to students.  Stirling therapists visit Sun Valley Magnet School during the day to conduct their private and confidential therapy sessions.  Please see a School Counselor for more information.

Our House Grief Support Center


Sun Valley Magnet School is proud to partner with Our House Grief Support Services Center to provide group counseling sessions to grieving students.  If you are a student who has lost a loved one or know someone who has, visit the School Counseling office today.  For more information, visit here.

Important Telephone Numbers

Call the following telephone numbers if you are experiencing a crisis: