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Mission, Vision, and S.L.O's


To ignite the imagination and bring joy to learning.



Sun Valley Magnet School provides a rigorous academic program that prepares all students for college and career readiness.  Beyond readiness, our vision is to nurture, inspire, and transform our students’ lives as innovators through collaboration, critical thinking, communication, creativity, and character building.  Students will become curious learners and confident leaders who apply the known to the unknown thereby developing new systems, structures, and solutions that improve their local and global community.


Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

CHARACTER: Students will serve as positive role models for others by demonstrating social responsibility, integrity, and respect for education.


COLLABORATION: Students will be respectful of others’ contributions, assume shared responsibility, and be willing to compromise in order to reach a common goal.


COMMUNICATION: Students will listen with intent and effectively articulate their ideas, knowledge, and beliefs using clear and concise language appropriate to audience, purpose, and situation.


CREATIVITY: Students will develop the confidence to explore and refine their creativity to meet both social and academic challenges. 


CRITICAL THINKING: Students will clearly communicate complex thinking by raising vital questions, synthesizing relevant information, and developing well-reasoned conclusions and solutions.

We believe that education is the transformative agent that can elevate the quality of life for our students and community.