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Recommended Student Supplies

Recommended Student Supplies

Back pack (Quantity: 1)

Yellow Highlighter (Quantity: 1)

2 inch or 3 inch, 3 ring Binder (Quantity: 1)

Pencil Pouch for 3 Ring Binder (Quantity: 1)

College Rule Single-Sheet Paper (Quantity: 1 Ream/Pack)

Pencil Sharpener (Quantity: 1)

Eraser (Quantity: 1)

Scotch Tape (Quantity: 1)

Mini Stapler (Quantity: 1)

Glue Stick (Quantity: 1 minimum, 3 Recommended)

Pencils (Quantity: 3)

Pens (Quantity: 3- 1 black or blue, 1-red, and 1-green or Multi-color click pen)

Dividers (7 Subjects)

Single Subject Notebooks (Quantity: 12 minimum, 20 recommended)

Earbuds/Phones for use with computers/iPads during class activities and lessons (Only to be used with teacher's permission).

* Please do NOT purchase Sharpies, Markers, White Out, and Correcting-Tape. They are not allowed and if seen will be confiscated.

***Agenda Planners will be provided to all students***