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May 2021


Teachers of the Month:


Mrs. Picarella

"I chose Mrs. Picarella as teacher of the month because she helped me get my grade up in her class and she was very nice about it and because she is cool."



Out-of-Class Staff Member:


Ms. Norma Jimenez

Mr. Rigoberto Oliva

Ms. Rosa Diaz

Ms. Virginia Guevara

& Mr. Mario Hernandez





Past Teacher of the Month:

April 2021


Mr. Sandoval & Ms. Chou


February 2021


Ms. Burstein

“Very nice & patient.”

“She tries to communicate with all of her students.”

“She makes class fun.”


January 2021

Mr. Paley

“Most supportive, easy to talk to and funny teacher.” 

“I like the way he teaches the subject.” 

“He makes it easy to understand.” 


Past Out-of-Class Staff Member:

April 2021

Mr. Lee


February 2021


Ms. Lee

“She’s very organized with IEPs, and has been helping out with PBC.”


January 2021

Ms. Lu

"She's super sweet and helps us with our questions. Plus she's super supportive!"

"She's honestly such a hardworking person and deserve so much credit right after everything she has done for us." 




Teacher & Staff Member of the Month

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