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Contact Ms. Bazikian  Ms. Bazikian Attendance Counselor
Contact Dr. Bedevian  Dr. Bedevian School Counselor
Contact Mr. Best  Mr. Best School Counselor
Contact Ms. Dekeyan  Ms. Dekeyan School Counselor
Contact Ms. Loredo Del Toro  Ms. Loredo Del Toro Psychiatric Social Worker
Contact Ms. Lu  Ms. Lu (818) 255-5100 ex: 5177 College Counselor
Contact Mr. Reveles  Mr. Reveles Assistant Principal

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School Calendar

School Counseling Department

Staff Directory

Mr. Reveles, PPS

Assistant Principal

Phone: (818) 255-5117


Ms. Aguilar
School Counseling Office Technician
Secretaria de Oficina de Consejería

Phone:: (818) 255-5132

Fax: (818) 255-5103


School Counselors By Magnet
Consejeros Académicos por Académia

SVM - BIO.jpg
Ms. Dekeyan, PPS
Biomedical Sciences, Engineering & Leadership
Grades 9 to 12
Phone: (818) 255-5126


SVM - ENV.jpg
Dr. Bedevian, PPS
Environmental Studies Through Arts & Sciences &
Biomedical Scie
nces, Engineering & Leadership
Grades 6 to 8
Phone: (818) 255-5128

SVM - TECH.jpg
Mr. Best, PPS
Engineering, Arts & Technology for Global Progress
Grades 6 to 8

Phone: (818) 255-5131

Pupil Services & Attendance Counselor

Ms. Bazikian, PPS
Attendance Counselor
Consejera de Asistencia
Phone: (818) 255-5129

(Ms. Bazikian is here on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays)

Psychiatric Social Worker

Ms. Intal, ACSW, PPSC, CWA
Psychiatric Social Worker & Mental Health Counselor

Trabajador Social Psiquiátrico y
Consejera de Salud Mental
Phone: (818) 255-5150
(Ms. Intal is here Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays)

Intervention Counselor

Ms. Sandoval, PPS
Intervention Counselor (high school only)
Consejera de Intervencion
Phone: (818) 255-5100

College Counselor

Ms. Crystal Lu, PPS
College Counselor
Consejera de Colegio
Phone: (818) 962-0604



C5LA has completed its interviews and three deserving eighth grade students have made it to the final round.  Let's get ready to cheer as we wait for C5LA's final decision!  GO PIONEERS!

For more information, visit

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What Do School Counselors Do?

Sun Valley Magnet School Counselors work with students in three domains to achieve academic success in school and become responsible, active and contributing members of society.

  • Academic
  • Career
  • Social & Emotional

Visit the following School Counseling Associations for more information!

American School Counseling Association

California Association of School Counselors


Need a Work Permit?

*High School students only (sorry Middle School--you must be 14 years or older)

Want to work?  Found a job but need a work permit?  Click HERE and follow the steps to get one.  Once you are issued a work permit, it may be taken away if your grades begin to go down.  Working is a great way to learn real life, world experiences, build connections, and of course...earn $$! :-D  You must learn to balance your time between work and school or else you will lose your work permit.  School is your #1 job, but if you can handle working and school, then work can be your #2 job.  Get it?  GOOD!